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How to get Free V-Bucks?

Free V-Bucks - How to Get themAs any keen Fortnite fan knows, V-Bucks, or VinderTech Bucks, are the virtual currency used in the game to buy battle passes, cosmetics and other things.

The simplest way to get free V-Bucks is to use our website or just buy them using real money.

If you don’t want to do that though, there are other ways to get free V-Bucks in Fortnite.

Before we start, you should be careful of websites offering free V-Bucks in exchange for your login or other personal information.

It is never a good idea to share personal data with third parties you don’t trust.

What You Can Buy Using V-Bucks?

Free VBucks - Omega SkinThere are plenty of players on Fortnite Battle Royale who stand out because of how they look – perhaps crazy animations of fun costumes.

These animations and cosmetics are known in the game as ‘cosmetics’ because they change how your Fortnite character looks.

You can add something brand new to your character without affecting the gameplay at all.

Cosmetics cost V-Bucks though. For some players who mainly play Fortnite in its PvE game mode, Save the World, they can use V-Bucks to buy new outfits and weaponry only used in Save the World.

These items will affect gameplay, for example new weapons offering a crowd control affect.

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Where to Get V-Bucks?

Free-Vbucks-ChestYou can buy V-Bucks from the in-game store with real money, or earn them playing the PvE game on ‘Save the World’ mode. Get free V-Bucks by unlocking battle pass tiers or attending one of Epic Games’ occasional special events. There are no real ways to get V-Bucks for free without doing a little work so avoid shady websites promising this.

Maybe put some effort into Save the Word, enlisting the help of friends to speed up your progress. The following methods assume you are playing Fortnite’s $39.99 Standard Edition pack linked to your account. This version of the game gives you access to the Save the World game which you need to earn V-Bucks.

How To Get Free V-Bucks?

#1 Log into the Game Every Day

Free V-Bucks Login Every DayYou can get some V-Bucks when you first log onto Save the World each day.

This might be the simplest way to earn but it isn’t the quickest way to get a lot of the in-game currency.

You can earn between 200 and 600 Free V-Bucks per month using this method, or 10,000 Free V-Bucks a year, after which time the counter resets.

Although missing a day won’t reset the counter, you will miss the V-Bucks for that day.
You won’t earn V-Bucks every day for doing this, but it is worth checking every day.

Even if you simply log in once a day and don’t play, you will still have enough V-Bucks after 3 months to purchase a battle pass, which also comes with V-Bucks as well as special seasonal cosmetics.

#2 Complete Daily Quests

Free V-Bucks Daily QuestsSave the Word gives you random quests every day, with each one giving a reward of between 50 and 100 free V-Bucks.

You are allowed up to three daily quests a day, and to change one of the quests for another once per day.

These quests vary in randomness and difficulty. The rewards are the same regardless of how easy or tricky a quest may be. You can complete some quests faster with the help of friends.

There are daily husk extermination quests. Damaging a husk counts towards the goal and it doesn’t matter who kills it, so it’s worth enlisting the help of some buddies to help out. All kills are counted regardless of difficulty level. Storm shield missions are found in the main storyline only.

You get 100 Free V-Bucks for completing one of these missions. There are four zones in Save the World. Each one has 10 storm shield missions, so in total this is worth 4,000 V-Bucks if you complete them all.

However, this isn’t the best way to get free V-Bucks because it takes a long time and you don’t get such a high reward.

#3 Complete Challenge Quests

You can unlock challenge Free V-Bucks - Challengesquests in the main storyline which give you 50 free V-Bucks apiece on completion.

It’s possible to do each challenge quest up to ten times for free 500 V-Bucks in total for each challenge quest.

Once you have done it ten times, it won’t appear in the quest list anymore.

Tips for Earning V-Bucks Quickly

Challenge quests on Fortnite give you a lot of V-Bucks compared to storm shield missions, so they’re worth doing. However, remember a challenge quest usually takes several missions to complete, so try doing them along with other quests. You can work on up to three daily quests at once, which you should do in order to be the most efficient.

Log in once a day to earn V-Bucks and remember you can replace one of your daily quests every day if you want. Some are easy while others are more tricky, so if you don’t like one you can switch it out for another. Finally, remember you can enlist the help of friends to get through challenges faster and earn more free Fortnite V-Bucks.

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