Jun 13, 2018, 6:10 PM ET

Nevada brothel owner wins GOP state assembly primary


Dennis Hof, a 71-year-old brothel owner and reality series star, bested a five-year incumbent in a Republican primary for Nevada State Assembly Tuesday.

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Hof ran as a Libertarian and lost a general election to incumbent James Oscarson in 2016, but ousted him on Tuesday while running as a Republican by a more than six-point margin.

PHOTO: Dennis Hof owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch attends Exxotica Day 1 at New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center on Nov. 13, 2015 in Edison, N.J.Bobby Bank/Getty Images, FILE
Dennis Hof owner of the "Moonlite Bunny Ranch" attends Exxotica Day 1 at New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center on Nov. 13, 2015 in Edison, N.J.

Owner of several brothels in Nevada, most notably the Moonlite BunnyRanch, where the HBO documentary series, "Cathouse" was set, Hof ran on a platform of cutting taxes and eliminating nonessential government regulations.

As Hof faces off against Democrat Lesia Romanov in November, some of his own businesses will be at risk of severe regulation. Last week, the Lyon County Commissioners decided to allow an advisory question on the ballot asking residents if brothels and prostitution should be made illegal in the area, including where several of Hof's brothels are located.

According to the agenda summary of the commissioners, the result of the question will not be legally binding, but may be the first step to regulators ending legal prostitution in the county.

"The question would be advisory only but Lyon County has historically followed through with the wishes of the voters," the document read.

News - Nevada brothel owner wins GOP state assembly primary

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  • thinkmore

    What ever happened to "family values"? The GOP has lost all claims to the moral high ground.

  • Doug Blasco

    He will be a perfect addition to the trump administration

  • Independent

    Did he run on family values?

  • Millard Farquar

    Why not! He is already in the screwing people business! JK

  • Truthful Opinion

    If Hof wins in November he will change the name of his brothel to Mar-a-Lago West.

  • luk_home

    lots of stuff is legal but i don't partake of it. smoking, alcohol as drug of choice, abortion, and on and on. some will not want prostitution and slam republicans, others don't want abortion and slam liberals. i think we all have our moral 'but' as in 'ya know, i'm fer abortion, BUT, i'd never sleep with a prostitute'. or, 'ya know, i'm fer prostitution, BUT, i'd never smoke or drink". we are all a bit nuts. just because it is legal, does not mean it is the moral thing to do' and because it is the moral thing to do or not to do, doesn't mean someone will choose not to do it. oh, and don't expect politicians or anyone else to set the example of family values. that is what we do in terms of personal responsibility and choice with faith and humility, tuning out the lives of others.

  • Red Hawk

    We are the Party of Family Values

  • Silverbird

    Just like marijuana, regulate and make it safe. Like Superbig said, it's going to happen anyways. However, this is one of the reason why I know that the rhetoric of the GOP being a party of "Family Values" is a complete myth.

  • Prophet With Honor


  • Westword 70

    Lyon county, and other rural Nevada counties, have had legal brothels for decades. These businesses and their employees pay taxes, the business is regulated, the girls receive regular health checks, and the Sheriffs keep an eye on safety issues. Contrast that with illegal prostitution, where nobody is safe, robbery is common, disease is rampant, girls are mistreated, and no taxes are paid. It will be sad to see these businesses disappear into the back alleys of the underground economy. Ending legalized prostitution, is a step backward into the dark ages.

  • Superbig

    Good. Should be legal. Making it illegal doesn’t stop it; tax it and regulate it just like marijuana. High taxes and onerous regulations just kill businesses.