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  • saulmonella

    Would YOU eat food made by someone forced to make it for you? I'd pass and so would you, if you ever worked in a kitchen..DOLTS.

  • gizmologist

    If the service provider was muslim, there would be all kinds of immediate court based excuses why they could not be forced to provide a pig BBQ, provide any service for a gay wedding, or a Jewish function.

    In this current America, ONLY muslims are catered to in whatever they wan;. commandeering entire streets and neighborhoods for public prayer, insisting that long existing food outlets cease cooking any pork product, in "their"neighborhood, threatening and attacking any non-muslim women for wearing tight jeans or short shirts, etc. Pathetic.

    No Christian or Jewish group is afforded the same consideration.

    This is no longer America.

  • Krimson

    Boy, conservatives sure are obsessed with other people’s genitals...

  • helicohunter

    So I wonder, do those doctors refuse hysterectomies for patients with family histories of uterine or ovarian cancer? After all, the organs are still healthy. My sister had her ovaries removed after her breast cancer returned. She was only 43. For someone undergoing a sex change, those organs are worse than useless.

  • K. E. King

    There is something seriously wrong with any medical professional or hospital who refuses medical care or treatment based upon a "religious" prejudice. This is true whether it is providing assistance in completing "transition" surgeries such as the hysterectomies described or the even more horrifying refusal to provide emergency care to women in labor or suffering a miscarriage because the hospital/doctor/nurse characterizes the care or treatment as providing an "abortion." Sorry, in my books, you are neither religious nor a medical professional when you deny treatment to others -- a plumber, maybe, but not a medical professional.

  • akmac61

    When someone, individual or corporate, claims a religious belief deferral from the law of the land, there should be a requirement that they provide proof of consistent observation of said beliefs, otherwise religion can be used to excuse many illegal excesses. If someone maintains that homosexuality is beyond acceptable for moral reasons, are they equally unaccepting of other "sinful" behavior, or are they simply abusing religion to defend their personal/political biases.

  • poultrygeist

    When you have cakes or any other products for sale to the public, do you get to pick and choose who you want to buy them? Sounds kinda messed up.

  • Diane

    I`m very happy i don`t live in the U.S. We can`t be discriminated or refused services because of are sexuality.

  • adamrussell

    Thou shalt not make cake for gays!
    From the conservative bible.

  • Joshua

    I think small, family owned businesses should be allowed to deny their services to some people based on their own religious beliefs. Seems wrong to force people to participate in an event they consider a sin.

    Larger businesses should not be allowed to descriminate because they are entities not people.

  • Bill William

    Now that same sex marriage is the law of the land are ministers allowed to refuse to marry a same sex couple for religious reasons?

  • MrSoul

    The cake case is fascinating....I'm really interested to see how that goes. I can certainly see the argument of the cake makers in that specific case.

  • YellowParrott

    This will be interesting? Because everybody has rights!

  • whitepine

    It is just plain discrimination. God and religion is just an excuse.

  • TheEntitledLost

    Who cares, let them marry. Why shouldn't the gays and lesbians have the chance to suffer for a terrible decision like the rest of us?