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  • Mr. Toad

    Sounds like someone's feeling ignored and unappreciated.

  • joe Bottlcaps

    She was there to offer stolen information to the Trump campaign. She would be a target of Mueller not a witness. Mueller has a credible witness in the Trump tower meeting from the Russian-American translator, who has worked for the US gov (not a party to the Russians, or the Trump campaign) Why would they want a conspirator of the Russian Gov. (she works for the Russian Moscow Prosecutors office) to offer "alternative facts" for the Trump campaign conspirators to use? If the Mueller investigation brings her in, the Russian Gov. would just"claim" her and she would just go back to Moscow.

  • Vanse Williams

    Because they have you recorded you big dummy!

  • NuffAlready

    If Mueller is staying true to his methods, he is circling and circling around Donald, until the circle becomes smaller and smaller and he reaches that bull's eye. As we also know, that bull's eye will be proceeded by reaching.....Donald Jr.....Jared, etc. All the while, Mueller is making Donald squirm, because when Donald squirms he can't help but blab, thus helping Mueller's case.

    Maybe getting to this lawyer has been on the docket all along and in due time, since it is all part of that fateful meeting about "adoption" she attended with Donald Jr. and others.

    But why is she chomping at the bit??

  • John Smith

    How about you jumping on a plane and flying back to the US just to test Mueller. Are you afraid he might arrest you? It's cowardly to say such things from a country that Mueller has no jurisdiction.

  • Steve

    She was banned from entering the country but Lynch let her in for one reason only. Mueller doesn't want to find the truth. The collusion was with the Dems.

  • Impetus

    Mueller's team will likely leave her for dead last if they have reason to talk to her at all. If Trump's campaign didn't work with her they don't need to speak, and if they did work with her Mueller's people will want to know the answers to any questions they may want to ask before they ask them. She is either unnecessary or unreliable, and I'm sure they have the transcripts of what she shared in Berlin.

  • will Russell

    We really only have her word for this. Muller is tight lipped, she on the other hand has every reason to seek publicity.

  • cephalo

    Not a reliable witness. Probably has a plan to harm the investigation.

  • Phil

    No collusion. Why contact?

  • Prophet With Honor

    She's a fixer like Cohen. A Russian lawyer with connections and known to spin things. What credibility does she have?