PHOENIX — Apr 16, 2018, 7:10 PM ET

Sen. McCain has intestinal surgery, is recovering in Phoenix


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U.S. Sen. John McCain's office says he's had intestinal surgery needed to stem an infection and is in stable condition at a Phoenix hospital.

The longtime Republican senator has been undergoing physical therapy related to brain cancer treatment at his family home near Sedona, Arizona, since December. He previously said he was planning to return to Washington in January but has remained at home.

The senator's office announced Monday that he had surgery the previous day at the Mayo Clinic.

Staff members for the 2008 GOP presidential candidate say the surgery was related to diverticulitis, a condition where the colon develops small bulges that can sometimes become infected.

McCain has had frequent visits from family, friends and Senate colleagues.

News - Sen. McCain has intestinal surgery, is recovering in Phoenix

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  • wilkinak

    Senator McCain, please retire before you die. There is nothing honorable about pretending to do a job you aren't physically capable of doing. End the charade and spend your remaining time with your family. It's not like they are going to starve if you're not bringing in your Congressional paycheck.

  • Lee-Anne Griffin

    All respect and condolences to Sen. McCain but it is time for him to resign. He should concentrate on his health! We need term limits on Senators and Congressmen. One reason it to curb their power but another is that some just say in office because they feel they have a need or a right to do so and stay long past the time they do their jobs properly due to age and illness.

  • SouthernCT

    Get well soon.

  • Curmudgathrope

    All hopes and payers, Mr McCain. Strength, honor and memories hold you. March proudly, you earned every step.

  • Tom Hayes

    too bad they didn't implant a spine while they were in there.

  • PieceKeeper016

    If he would switch to the Democratic Party (since he's a republican in name only) I might have some respect for him. He serves his overlords in the council on foreign relations, (not) the American people.

  • Bill William

    I had that and was told to eat more foods high in fiber.

  • Dan Bogart

    He's gonna die before he retires.

  • Jay_J Jacob

    must have been from dining with Mouaz Moustafa. I saw the picture! John McCain hobnobbing with Moustafa!

  • Believer

    Our prayers to senator McCain & may he recover quickly due to America needing him so badly. Humiliated UN Hailey just had Russian mole Donald rip the American rug under her feet by removing the russian sanctions he Never intended to enforce against russia. Are clown sexual preditor donald fans happy that they have a Russian traitor?

  • Prophet With Honor

    Mother Nature can't kill him, and God doesn't want to...

  • MauiOhana808

    Get well Senator John McCain................
    Aloha :^o

  • bee's knees

    Tough news. That 81 year-old body has been through so much.

  • helico seek

    He's like a Timex watch- takes a licking but keeps on ticking. I wish him a speedy recovery.

  • ItsOnlyaFleshWound

    Senator, you've got my RESPECT and I wish you the BEST as you recuperate. We NEED folks like you more than ever today in this hyper-partisan atmosphere.

  • Indy

    Senator McCain has had his issues in the past, though who can say that they haven't as well. He has always believed in doing what was best for the country, that which He felt/thought was best in his opinion at the time, and He has served His country faithfully for the better part of his life. Senator McCain is a true War Hero and an Honorable Man, our prayers are always going to be with Him and His Loved Ones. Hope You get well soon Sir.

  • Uncle Bob

    I haven't agreed with McCain on some issues throughout the years, but I must say I respect him. One of the few in DC who get that level of recognition from me.

    I wish him and his family the best and my sympathy.

  • Jan515

    A brave American patriot who I wish a speedy recovery.