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  • cephalo

    Here is what you need to know about happiness. We get pleasure from what we do for ourselves, but we get happiness from what we do for others.

    Once you understand that happiness and pleasure are in fact opposite of each other, you can be happy.

  • jdj

    Seems pretty obvious that diversity is a hindrance to happiness. I believe it is a problem under all circumstances.

  • just saying

    With all the shootings I'm not surprised that USA at bottom of list. Even 6 y/o's have access to guns.

  • Emma Lou #2

    it says to me the happiest country had the least immigrants.

  • Katri Arjava

    One step to happiness is to lose the idea of being better than the rest of the world. The only way to being a great nation is to let others thrive, too.

  • Dave Park

    'Relatively homogenous Finland has about 300,000 foreigners" Why aren't liberals screaming racism at the top of their lungs?

  • cephalo

    One thing that Finland has that nobody else has is a partial basic income. Look it up, read about it and learn how it can save capitalism.

  • Dave Park

    Looks like LESS diversity adds up to a happier population.

  • Jukka-Emil Vanaja

    Hard to believe that an exact 100 years ago, this self-same country was in the full swing of a civil war particularily barbaric even in europe's lofty standards of massacring one's brothers and countrymen. And that it was at the time considered the poorest, least-developed nation in Europe as well.

  • Realpshep

    Seems it all boils down to money and economic equality. Which we definitely don't have in America

  • Enigmatic Pragmatist

    Many of us may be somewhat happier after the 2018 midterms. And a LOT happier after the 2020 presidential election if Donald the Destroyer is voted out of office. We might not surpass Finland's happiness index, but maybe we could surpass our own. What a refreshing change.......

  • 80HD

    Colorado has about 30 thousand less square miles than Finland but about the same population.
    Managing a country the size of Colorado should be relatively simple in comparison.

  • FFunQ

    I guess one must be adjusted to the cold to think so.